Leaving A Sociopath

Leaving and getting over a sociopath or psychopath can be very difficult because they seem to have a very powerful hold on the rest of us.  I would love to understand the mystery behind what kind of spell the place or why they have such a strong grip on those of us they enter into relationships with!  Perhaps it’s because they are naturally attracted to people who are damaged in their own way as well as to “people-pleasers”, nurturers and those more naive, kind and caring.

So when you do get out:

Think of him/her as a dark shadow that’s gone. Removed from your life for a reason that is leading you down the path to what’s right for you. Breath easy, it will be alright. Let the light guide you.  – Bella Ireland

A Sociopath and Psychopath are much like the Big Bad Wolf, they are full of lies and intimidation.  I absolutely love this picture and believe it depicts what happens when we finally break free from their spell.  We can do this!