About Me


I am Bella Ireland, I am a mother, an author, and the wife of a sociopath for 27 years. I have heard and seen it all in these years full of color, wonder, lies, hurt and pain. I could tell you stories that would make your head spin and wonder how I could even be sane anymore. I am a positive person, I am full of light and energy that tends to draw people to me, especially people who are full of darkness and crave what I have inside that they lack. The sociopath as my husband calls himself, are “energy vampires”, he’s been saying that his whole life. They are ready to try and suck the light out of you to either kill goodness or to light their “dark-side” which is my name for the side of him that hurts me.

I am currently working on a book (name to be released soon) that will reveal every detail of my life with the “dark side”, the light side, my life with a sociopath. I want everyone to made aware of the warning signs, the signals, and to be educated on what you can expect in life should you choose to enter into the darkness of a life with a sociopath or psychopath. I have maintained a level of secrecy that must now come out. Please feel free to join the Forum and participate in this site by clicking the link above and share your experiences here with me. I am here to support you as I need your support as well!

Let us gather in light and drown the darkness they create!

This is the intro to a show I used to watch as a child called Tales from the Dark Side, it’s also an inspiration for my book, it depicts life with a sociopath so perfectly! Gives me chills!

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