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meI would like to welcome you to this online sanctuary.

I am a Re

I have been on the path to light for about 12 years, each year gaining new insight into the person my husband of now 27 years was and what it meant to me and everyone around me to live with the abuse of a “combination personality” person.  He had traits from many anti-social personality disorders including narcissistic traits, psychopathic traits, and sociopathic traits.

He called himself an “energy vampire” and I think that’s a pretty good, self aware way to describe the personality. As they lack something the rest of the world has and they will seek out the best source for what they want and need and suck it dry!  It took me 27 years of almost every kind of abuse to finally find self-worth and leave.  I have heard and seen it all in these years full of color, wonder, lies, betrayal, abuse, hurt and pain. I could tell you stories that would make your head spin and wonder how I could even be sane anymore.

However, we all know how damaging any type of interaction with this type of personality can be and the sheer destruction a relationship with someone like this causes.

I started this site as affairwitthedarkside.com and lifewithasociopath.net and I intended it to be a place for me to join others in ranting about the devastation and pain I’d endured and the site sat pretty much untouched for years because every time I would access it, it felt wrong. Then it went off like a light bulb! The world already had a million places to gather in hatred and anger and keep us in victim-hood!  What the world needs is more places to heal and empower! More safe, happy, uplifting places to come for inspiration, nurturing, love, hopefulness etc.

Let us gather here in light and drown the darkness they create!

In sincere love and light,

~M Light

I decided to leave this video clip from the original site because it really does show what life is like with anti-social personality disorders around us.  Honeymoon phases lead to darkness and abuse, always the cycle will continue until you take back your power!  With a person as unpredictable as a narc/socio etc., light will go dark in an instant many times much like this video clip.

This is the intro to a show I used to watch as a young adult called Tales from the Dark Side,  it depicts life with a sociopath so perfectly! Gives me chills!

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