A Letter To End A 25 Year Marriage To a Sociopath

I watched YouTube and learned how to roll my own joint.   Something I always relied on you to do for me.  I sat by the river thinking, and a little bottle that looked like it might have a message in it floated up near the bank under the drop off.

I wanted it so bad, you know my hopeless romantic side that just had to see what long lost love might have sent a message out there years ago looking for the other?

I took the dogs home and got a mop so I could reach down there and try to grab it and pull it in with it but by the time I had gotten back it floated out into the middle under where that one tree branch dangles over and hits the water?  I was almost in tears.

Then I stood at the bank and thought, “how will I ever know what message the bottle holds for me if I’m too scared to just jump in and grab it”.  My heart raced as I told myself, “just do it, quick like a band-aid, in and out.  There are no alligators down there in this fresh Florida river water, just do it!”

So I came home to change my clothes and go get it.  Sometimes the unknown might just hold something amazing, you just have to take that first scary plunge to find out!!!

Oh and guess what else?  My joints are better than yours, in efficiency and buzzery!


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